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IrassaTelecom Already been licenced by Libyan Mistry of Economy and chamber of commerce and register in Libya Tax Authority with not debt ,IrassaTelecom Already register as supplier in Libyan post & Telecom & IT holding company and General Electric Company ,Oil & Gas sector ,banking sector, public service companies , Libyan Enforcement

IrassaTelecom Focuses on high growth in Technical Engineering, in Telecom, low power and security data by providing simple and satisfying solution with cost effects solving customer issues in field of Technical support Engineering ,Telecommunication basic construction , used by National Telecom operator . Telecom service providers , Electric networks supervision and control , oil&Gas surveillance systems, Trucking and monitor systems, security solutions, special Engineering work services for control & monitor & data centers

Area of Activities

General Technical Engineering

  • Construction work for concrete base of Telecom towers and pols for surveillance cameras
  • Installation &grounding of all medium size Telecommunication & Radio Towers
  • Installation & Maintenance of all power generators above 12Kva ,Backup Batteries special for Telecommunication Sites
  • Maintenance and reforming of Call and control centers for security and polis, defense, & public services.
  • Laying of short distance Telecommunication cables (coaxial – Fiber) including Trenching ,PVC pipe laying ,Main holes, cable jointing ,splicing & measurement
  • Complete internal Telephone Network installation include cable blowing and MDF

Telecommunication, and Security Systems

  • Supply, Installation of VHF-UHF Digital Mobile Radio (Motorola , Vertex ,Tait ,Haytera to be used in security &polis, Military , Airports ,factories ,Hospitals, oil & gas field with ATEX certificates ,warehouses ,mall centers and Hotels.
  • Installation & configuration of unlicensed digital radio Microwave (point to point & multipoint ) links for voice & internet communication , video surveillance.
  • In cooperation with DSS (DataNet Security Systems Co.Ltd ) Malta specialized in security solutions , purchasing & installation &configuration of fixed & RTZ Video Surveillance and all Accessories ,GSM –GPS intelligent personal & vehicle Trucking system for tracks convoys , marine , installation and configuration of security Entrance system ,Installation of Ante-Explosive systems ( fixed –mobile) ,installation of Fire detecting and alarm systems .
  • IrassaTelecom in cooperation with BSS Malta can provide consulting and case studies for special security issues in regards of fixed or mobile security solutions with hand of special Global security elite personals.
  • Installation of Motorola intelligent Electronic warehouse in/out storage control & management system FRID which connected direct to Business owner.

IrassaTelecom Global partners and suppliers

Motorola company for Digital Mobile Radio in VHF/UHF bands include base station & Repeaters ,portable and mobile radio ,Tetra Radios.
EMCsatcom the world No 3 for VSAT Teleport stations & supplying of VSAT equipment's & services in star and mesh configuration for voice and data services and zero latency for internet and provide special gateways to global Terrestrial voice &data networks with encryption and additional security for Banks transaction
Cambuim Networks for Digital Broadband point to point and multipoint microwave is one of American International Radio AIR Holding Company for suppling of un-license and unlicensed TDM/IP Microwave Equipment's and approved by American Defense Ministry with high performance certificate
ERICSSON–LG for supplying of digital privet branch Telephone Switches based on TDM or IP /SIP protocols with special digital/VOIP/SIP Telephone Sets
3M for supplying of all installation & maintenance of Terrestrial Telecom pair cables & fiber cables from service provider to customer
GANZE for surveillance networks , day/night digital and IP rugged cameras which work in all extreme weather conditions , surveillance remote control center, include cameras storage system ,face and car plates recognition
Orion Telecom is American leader company in manufacturing Digital TDM,and Fiber optic interface and Multiplexing Equipment's include E1 –PCM30 ,FXS,FXO,SDH-STM1-4-16-64 ,optical modems,E1protection switches, ADSL modems,E1 to VOIP converter
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